After learning his trade as a Mac operator, planner and a platemaker, Danny joined the company in 1993. It then became Positive Images UK. We bought a small platemaker in Wimbledon and outsourced the remaining print to trusted third parties.

As the business started to grow we were able to invest in new and leading technology. First we bought a one colour press and then a four colour press. In 2005 we moved to Mitcham, upgraded to a six colour press and installed digital presses.

In 2017 we invested in the latest multichannel technology. In 2019 we partnered with Colouration to form the Positive Print Group and launced our Positive Planet initiative.

Today we are known as POSITIVE.  We are always seeking the latest and most innovative technology in order to offer our clients the best design, print, direct mail and multichannel marketing solutions.

As well as making sure we were always at the cutting edge of innovation, we know that we were nothing without the right people. The team has grown steadily, bringing along new talent with a loyal and flexible approach.

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